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Why posture is everything

Bad posture is not only unattractive, but also contributes to the long term consequences of poor health. Emphasizing the importance of good posture through practice, osteopath specialists, Posture Dynamics, have helped transform the lives of many, simply by providing a professional guide to understanding the benefits of standing correctly.

According to the leading London-based osteopathic practice, bad posture is responsible for alteration of bone and soft tissues. This can cause intervertebral disc damage, fibrotic scar tissue and many other injuries. Furthermore, research reveals how certain postural positions compromise neural tissue as it begins to change blood flow to the spinal cord. Darren Fletcher, principal practitioner at Posture Dynamics explains, “connective tissues undergo plastic changes that can become permanent and this is exactly the reason why it is difficult to use short-term methods to place certain individuals into good postural alignment”.

The importance of good posture cannot be emphasized enough though. Whether standing, sitting or lying down, the body’s alignment should synchronize with the forces of gravity so that no single structure of the body is overstressed. Principal osteopath at Posture Dynamics, Daren Fletcher outlines a number of reasons for maintaining good posture:

Confidence: Standing correctly boosts your confidence!

Breath easier: Just like posture, the way we breathe is essential to our health and the way we feel – and standing correctly will make breathing easier.

Circulation: Lung capacity is improved, meaning organs will function better too.

Correct alignment of bones and joints: Good posture means that muscles are used effectively and this is what helps to keep our bones and joints in correct alignment. As muscles work more efficiently, the body will also use less energy, therefore help prevent back and muscle strain

General happiness: What many people do not realize, is the effect of bad posture on general happiness. Good posture will help to keep spirits up and give confidence even when we are feeling depressed as it also aids relaxation.

Healthy spine: Good posture means healthy spine. This applies particularly to those confined to the office eight-hours a day. Good posture coupled with back support will prevent a change in the characteristics of the spine’s structure – so it is essential shoulders are held back, abdomen pulled in, head lifted and chin parallel to the ground.

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