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Online Desk Assessment

We can help you set up your home-working or office desk via video call!

What is an online desk assessment?

A good ergonomic desk set up is very important to reduce the effects of work strain on common areas of neck, shoulder, back and arm pains. Our online desk assessment will help you to find out whether your set-up is causing or contributing to pain or discomfort.

The Posture Dynamics online workstation assessment involves a thorough evaluation of you as the individual and a full review of your equipment. A full report is included in your assessment.

How does this work?

Our online platform enables us to run a secure video consultation with our clients. We are able to perform a full ergonomic assessment covering equipment including the chair, desk height, screen, keyboard and mouse. We can analyse the arrangement and how you use it. Recommended changes are discussed and any adjustments that can be made during the assessment are done immediately. Other changes requiring new or revised equipment are recommended in a report sent to you later. We work closely with suppliers, so we can source and recommend any equipment you may need, and ensure these are delivered as quickly as possible.

You can book online for an appointment or call to book or discuss this further before booking. You can also leave us a message with your specific requirements here and we will contact you to discuss further.

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