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pd daren

Daren Fletcher BSc (Hons) Ost


Osteopathy, Sports Massage, Sports Performance Clinic, Orthotic Prescription, Foot & Ankle Clinic, Ergonomic Desk Assessments.


BSc (Hons) Osteopathy, British School of Osteopathy Qualified in 1996. General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) Registered.

Treatment Style / Approach

Daren has a specific interest working with the body as a fully connected biomechanical unit. His interest extends to assessing your posture and identifying the vulnerable areas in your posture ultimately leading to injury. Sport specific biomechanical video analysis forms part of Daren’s assessments frequently (e.g. a golf swing or running style). His treatments involve deep tissue massage, spinal articulation and specific joint manipulation to optimise settling and balancing the functions of the musculoskeletal system.

Experience and interest in speciality

Daren has worked with a wide range of individuals from general osteopathic practice attending to occupational health and posture problems to clients who have a specific interest in sports such as running, cycling, tennis, swimming and golf. He also has an interest in helping clients to achieve their goals within the arena of more extreme sports such as open water swimming, triathlons and iron man competitions. He worked for 5 years with elite athletes alongside Dr. Anne Redgrave at the Redgrave clinic helping international rowers to achieve their goals and stay injury free.
He also has vast experience in orthotic prescription and how they can be appropriately used to help with postural alignment, affecting issues far away from the ankle and foot. Consequently Daren sees many complex postural alignment and functional issues that can be helped with the careful understanding of the biomechanics of that individual.

Daren also works closely with a number of companies in London advising and consulting on good workplace posture and ergonomics.

Hobbies and Interest

Daren lives an active lifestyle participating in many sports such as running, cycling, gym, pilates and golf to stay healthy and fit. He believes that to help individuals who are active, it is important as a practitioner to experience a variety of sports.

pd camilla

Camilla Murphy BSc (Hons) Ost


Cranial Osteopathy, TMJ (Temporo Mandibular Joint) disorders, Post Operative Treatment, Tinnitus, Pre & Post Natal, Babies, Children and Teens.


BSc (Hons) Osteopathy, British School of Osteopathy qualified in 1999. General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) Registered.

Treatment Style / Approach

Camilla uses the Cranial approach to identify and correct mechanical disturbances and limitations both in and around the joints of the skull, in the muscles, membranes and central nervous system throughout the entire body. Camilla has a very holistic approach so diet, lifestyle and exercise are all taken into consideration.

Camilla has a specific interest in treating all aspects of the body with Cranial Osteopathy. She works with biomechanical issues from common complaints of back and neck pain to more complicated issues of the body. She also has a special interest and vast experience with helping tinnitus sufferers, TMJ disorders and sleep apnoea. These complex conditions and disorders can be helped when appropriate with Cranial Osteopathy.

Camilla also helps individuals with post operative surgery issues. Tension, scarring and altered positioning of organs from conditions leading to surgery of the gut and lungs to conditions leading to gynecological surgery or cesarian surgery, are just some of the issues that Camilla can help to reduce the tension in the body arising from these situations.

She has a special interest working with women to prepare them for conception, pregnancy and labour. She is able to work with women aiming to help support the changes of their body as their baby grows. She works with preparing the body for birth and can help the baby get into a better position for delivery. She has a special interest in treating babies, children and teenagers.

Hobbies and Interest

Camilla is very interested in nutrition and health. She believes that fuelling the body with the correct food to suit an individual and supplementing the diet with high quality supplements, in the areas that are deficient, is of great importance. She is also very interested in food allergies and intolerances and how it affects the body.

pd team default

Linda Velkei Soares


Personal training and group exercise, focusing on health and fitness including core strength and flexibility, rehabilitation, special populations, weight loss/fat loss, body sculpting, muscle building and cardiovascular stamina


L3 GP Referral Diploma, Nasm L3 Personal training, Extreme Kettle bell instructor, L1 & L2 Poliquin (PICP) Strength & Conditioning, Supervising exercise with disabled people, BTEC National Diploma Aerobics & Aerobic Gymnastics Coach, Business Communication Bachelor Degree

Treatment Style / Approach

Linda has been working working as a Personal Trainer since 2009, and “loves helping people with their training and being part of their progress towards their personal targets”.

She will identify any areas of weakness, whether it is a lifestyle issue, dietary issue or a physical / muscular or injury problem and tailor training plans to address these. She is adaptable to your requirements and can implement various and specific techniques when it is beneficial. Linda is a good listener and strives to makes her sessions as interactive, informative and as fun as possible.

Hobbies and Interest

Healthy diet and weight training, functional exercises, dancing, dog walking, learning about mindfulness techniques.

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