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Posture Dynamics: Important advice on attracting the opposite sex

First impressions last, unless you’re lucky enough to be given a second chance. But what is it about a potential mating partner that we notice most? Eyes, hair, eyebrows, shoes, dress sense? As important as all of these things may be, bad posture will stick out like a sore thumb. It’s official: slouching around is definitely un-sexy whereas standing tall, confident and firm is charming, sexy and appealing.

Attracting the opposite sex/potential mating partner is not always a small feat – yet it can be made easier. Confidence and personality are actions that speak loud if you want to make a positive impression. Slumping, rounded shoulders, slouching spine, protruding head are rather off-putting and can make you appear both unattractive and unapproachable. Does this sound like you? If it does, then it’s time to make a change for the sake of your street cred as well as your health.

According to Daren Fletcher, an osteopath at leading London-based practitioners, Posture Dynamics, good posture can eventually come naturally, and we can all acquire it easily if we continue to make the effort. “Good posture will not only make you look confident and boost your self esteem, it also plays a part in better health and functioning for all our internal organs”

From good digestion to prevention of chronic back or neck problems, good posture means that the body will align itself in ways that will also contribute to better breathing. Life as a result, becomes much more comfortable and healthier. Everyone can achieve good posture and to do so, Posture Dynamics have suggested a few simple points to help you check your own posture:

• In standing you are aiming to have an even “S” shaped curved spine.

• Check your alignment against a wall.

• Can you keep a neutral lower back curve (you should have a small gap between the wall and the lower back). Check with your hands.

• Can you keep your head against the wall without lifting your chin or arching your back?

• Whilst standing keep your feet about shoulder width apart and toes pointing forwards.

• A technical suggestion, but simple all the same, when eating, try to ensure the angle from your mouth to your plate is at ninety degrees.

To smile and carry yourself well with confidence is appealing as it shows self-assurance and is certainly sexier. If it’s difficult for you to keep posture balanced, keep on reminding yourself of the attention you’ll receive from the opposite sex if you do!

Posture Dynamics work with people from all walks of life, advising on posture, balance and on a spectrum of osteopathic conditions. For many people, bad posture has already created lots of problems.

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