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Pilates for great Posture

2010 has seen the launch of a brand new Pilates class timetable at Posture Dynamics in Victoria.  The central London based Osteopathy clinic has been offering Pilates on a one to one basis for years and believes strongly in the positive effects a Pilates training program can have over the rehabilitation and continued improvement of posture and pain relief through strengthening the core and realigning the major muscle groups of the torso, pelvis and shoulder girdle.

Clients and members of Posture Dynamics can enjoy group based Pilates in the adjoining fitness studio at the Victoria clinic on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The group mat work sessions are a more cost effective way to receive Pilates tuition but still gain all of the benefits of a personal service as there are only a maximum of 6 people in each session allowing for individual attention throughout.

Posture Dynamics specialise in teaching the STOTT PILATES® method.  This method of Pilates has exercises designed to restore the natural curves of the spine and rebalance the muscles around the joints.  Regular classes are a great way to improve core stability, increase flexibility of the spine and raise body awareness.

“Pilates is actually one of the safest forms of exercise, causing less stress on joints and muscles than aerobic activity such as jogging”, says Daren Fletcher, founder of Posture Dynamics.  “It is an activity I recommend to my clients as it can help with specific injuries and is a great de-stresser”.

Suitable for beginners and intermediate level attendees, the Posture Dynamics approach is to provide all class-goers with a personalised service which can specifically target problem areas and speed up the treatment and recovery process.  As an alternative to the classes, we are also able to offer one-on-one private Pilates sessions. There is no membership fee or joining fee.

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