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Osteopathy – Preventative healthcare for everyone!

Just like a visit to the doctor or dentist, osteopathy is a treatment of paramount importance and may well save many years of future agony and discomfort. What most people do not realise is that the treatment that takes place is not just for those who suffer from pain – it can be for everyone.

A close examination of your medical history, posture balance, structure and lifestyle will help the osteopath define where your vulnerabilities to pain and injury are, and what you can do to prevent the physical inconveniences that may be lying ahead.

Defining a plan of action for prevention of future ailments is the key to a fit and healthy life. London based leading osteopaths at Posture Dynamics specialise in defining areas of your physical health from a macro perspective to identify the preventative action you will need to take.

It creeps up on all of us – from running free to hobbling for the bus with a bad knee – you need not be 65 years of age to feel the pains of growing older. Any slight or niggling aches or pains need to be nipped in the bud – or they may take their toll in later life. This is exactly why osteopathy is for everyone.

According to Posture Dynamics, a majority of complaints arise from too many hours of sitting at a desk using a computer. Awareness of this fact is only beginning to gain momentum as corporations invest in the health of their employees by arranging and encouraging individual visits to the osteopath.

Posture Dynamics is one of London’s leading osteopathic specialists and treat an influx of corporate clients intent on taking care of employee needs. Some of these include the Department of Trade and Industry (BERR), Channel 4, American Express, PA Consulting and Google to name just a few. According to Posture Dynamics osteopath, Daren Fletcher, “ Whether we are a professional athlete or a desk based worker we all have vulnerabilities in our posture that may arise to aches and pains and strains. By identifying and addressing these areas of vulnerability through osteopathy, we can save time and pain from a strain leading to being injured and out of your sport or off-work.”

It is a common misconception to wait for something to go wrong before visiting an osteopath. The key to saving a life time of pain and discomfort is to keep a regular check of your physical health with an osteopath. Osteopaths at Posture Dynamics have a particular interest in preventative osteopathic healthcare for people from all walks of life.

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