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Osteopathic exercises for Chronic Fatigue

Physical pain and mental strain constitute to two of life’s most common complaints. Changing your way of life could have a positive effect on your health. Osteopaths at leading London-based practice, Posture Dynamics have revealed how certain tweaks to old habits can transform both our mental and physical well-being.

Darren Fletcher, principal osteopath at Posture Dynamics has emphasized the importance of prevention techniques. A little practical advice in this area can go a long way. Posture Dynamics have been advising on exercise for increasing spine mobility for more than 10 years and have worked with people from all walks of life. There are many exercises that the Posture Dynamics team recommend for self help at home or in the office to help complement the effectiveness of osteopathic treatment. Here are some simple examples of exercises to try:

1. Lying on the back for ten minutes with knees up and the back of the head resting on a thick book will help loosen the muscles around the neck vertebrae. Be careful to ensure that the base where the skull joins the neck, is resting on the edge of the book.

2. There are three positions that will help to loosen the Thoracic vertebrae. Each position will require that you sit upon the edge of a chair before following through with the following three positions:

• Position I: Place your palms by the side of your neck, shoulders relaxed and elbows pointing downwards. Turn your head and upper body slowly by 30 degrees and back, repeat between eight to 16 times.

• Position II: Cross your arms in front so that your elbows are touching in a position that we can refer to as “self-hug”. In this position, carry out the same slow movements that were carried out in position one.

These are just some simple examples of exercises that can be prescribed. Each individual depending on their complaint and posture are advised on the relevant self-help exercises, to help complement the Posture Dynamics treatment programme.

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