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Whether you are working from home or back at the office, having an ergonomic setup is a vital element of maintaining a good posture.

One of our clients, Christina, works as an estate agent so is mainly office based, while her husband is an underwriter whose offices are in in London. She came to us for an assessment as they were just about managing working from home, but the set-up was not ideal and they were both struggling with back issues.

Christina says:
“I was struggling working from home, as was my husband. My husband was on an uncomfortable chair at the dining table in the hot conservatory while I was sat on the sofa – a recipe for back issues! We have both suffered from back issues in the past, that plus having our two young children at home, we decided that we really needed a separate, and dedicated, office space.”

I jumped at the chance to have an assessment with Daren.

He established my current work set-up and how I sat, and then recommended some small changes to how I sat, the height of the desk and having the correct posture.


The Problem:

Christina was working from her hot conservatory or her sofa/coffee table – a recipe for a bad back!

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The Solution:

Daren recommended that Christina consider purchasing a dedicated chair from the GoToGroup, a preferred reliable supplier of ours, plus a sit/stand desk converter. These are easily adjustable and allow users to stand during the day as well as sit. With Christina being 5.2ft and her husband 6.2ft, the adjustable height feature is a brilliant feature!

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If you are now working from home and struggling to get comfortable with your home working set up, we can help with either an online desk worker assessment or a face to face appointment to help you improve your set up.

You can get started now by booking here.

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