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Cranial Osteopathy helped cure my tinnitus, joint pain, sleep apnoea and lack of appetite

A FORMER machinery worker with a perforated ear drum was told by an ENT specialist that his four year-old tinnitus was incurable – but has since found a “new lease of life” after receiving cranial osteopathy.

Alan Powers, 67, from Harlow, said he now feels “ten years younger” after receiving the treatment, which he said has also helped a knee injury, sleep apnoea and loss of appetite due to treatment for oesophageal cancer 13 years ago.

He said: “From the moment I woke up in the morning, at its worst, the tinnitus would be like pots and pans crashing around me. I could hardly hear my wife talk and had to turn up the TV to full volume, which obviously could be very annoying for everyone else. I could hardly concentrate and it gave me severe headaches. In its very mildest form it was a ‘shushing’ sound, like the waves coming up on a beach.”

Mr Powers added that his GP could not say where the tinnitus had come from and he had also been turned down for treatment by some cranial osteopaths due to his perforated ear.

He said since receiving cranial osteopathy, his mind had been “well and truly opened” to alternative treatments and suggested more people should consider cranial osteopathy if a GP or even specialists couldn’t help.

Mr Powers had read about Camilla Murphy’s successful treatment of another tinnitus sufferer and decided to try her services, despite others being sceptical due to his ear problem.

At the first visit, Camilla, who is based in London and Abbots Langley, Herts, realised that despite his perforated ear drum, she could probably help Mr Powers.

Camilla said: “After the second session, the tinnitus had reduced from a level of ten, which is severe, to a level of one, ie: nearly gone. Mr Powers has had other gains too. He has a history of cancer of the oesophagus. Since a large portion of his oesophagus was removed along with some of his stomach, he hasn’t had a great appetite since its cure 13 years ago.

I worked to release any restrictions caused by the surgery to his stomach, gut and oesophagus, which helped to increase his appetite. From doing this, Mr Powers has told me he is now able to clear his plate at dinner time. My treatment has also alleviated pain in his hips and knees”.

Mr Powers went on: I’ve really got my appetite back. After the operation, the doctors told me I would only ever be able to eat a child’s portion for the rest of my life and now I polish off all my dinner and have a pudding!. Eating is fabulous, I now look forward to meal times and I am starting to put the weight back on. I can now also stand up straight and it doesn’t pull in my abdominal area, where I had tightness from the operation.”

Mr Powers has been seeing Camilla now for the last six weeks and has received five treatment sessions.

He added: “The tinnitus is no longer in my head, I feel so much better. There are days when I really have to strain to hear it and think it may have gone. Camilla’s treatment has turned back the clock 13 years to before I had cancer. Before the tinnitus would stop me concentrating and now I can concentrate. Also, I have hardly had any trouble with the sleep apnoea.

“I feel like I have an altogether new life.”

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