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“Builder’s Back Pain” the theme for National Back Care Awareness Week 2012

National Back Care Awareness Week 8th to 12th October 2012.

BACK pain, according to charity, BackCare, is estimated to affect four out of five adults at some point in their lives – something many builders out there know only too well.

Posture Dynamics was approached by an established builder, 65 year-old Ian, a master builder who has been in the trade for 45 years.

He said: “Years of jumping off the back of a lorry, climbing ladders, carrying heavy loads and digging out trenches left me with stiffness all over my body. My neck was tight, my shoulder was sore, I had a stiff and sore upper back and sometimes my back would literally just lock so I actually couldn’t stand up!”

Ian found out about Posture Dynamics through a recommendation and was treated via a course of Cranial Osteopathy, which works on the parts of the body which need ‘releasing’.

Camilla Murphy, who administered the treatment, said: “Cranial is an amazing way to loosen the body as it enables you to access all the layers, for example, from the central nervous system and membranes to joints and muscles. If the body is restricted, it’s not going to work to its optimum. Cranial Osteopathy is a method of treatment that works on any part of the body and it is a very effective way of unwinding tension and restoring mobility at all levels.”

And Ian concluded: “After a few sessions, the pain disappeared and I felt looser and more confident. My feet were also treated as I found out they were also having an effect on the rest of my posture. On top of this, I was told about the right stretches and exercises to help strengthen my lower back from further damage.”

At Posture Dynamics Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy, Sports Massage, Pilates and Acupuncture are methods we use to help not just builders’ backs, but people from all other walks of life, including babies and children.

Our posture changes slowly over a period of time. Whether you are an office worker, builder or an athlete, knowing and understanding about the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your posture becomes key in helping to settle and prevent back, posture and injury problems. We offer the following tips to anyone suffering from back pain.

1. Seek professional help from an Osteopath for treatment and guidance so you know the areas to focus on and the exercises you can work with to settle, stabilise and prevent injury.

2. Pilates is the exercise of choice to help strengthen and stabilise your postural foundations. Good core strength is essential to good posture at the desk, on a building site, or to move dynamically on a football pitch.

3. Just some simple daily strengthening and stretching exercises can make a difference in the long term.

4. In an office environment, even a small and non-disruptive action such as standing up while talking on the phone or taking a short walk around the office every 20 minutes can relieve tension and make a big difference.

5. Make sure your workstation is not adding to any posture or injury problems. Ensure you know how to fully adjust your chair and equipment around you, and make sure you get advice on how you should have your desk ergonomically set up.

6. Increasingly more of us work at home with a desk and computer, so make sure you take the time to set your home workstation correctly and ergonomically, and get good quality equipment to ensure you are comfortable as well as correctly set up.


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