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A catalyst for health education

Prevention, education and treatment are the key elements of focus for London-based osteopath practitioners, Posture Dynamics – helping a spread of generations to sustain their health, fitness and posture.

Top levels of expert advice serve as a catalyst for health education at leading osteopath practitioners, Posture Dynamics. A qualified team of osteopaths with more than 20 years combined experience in the fields of osteopathy, cranial osteopathy, sports massage and pilates have played a pivotal role in the latest research and development concerning both osteopathic treatment and prevention.

With its team of dedicated researchers and practitioners, Posture Dynamics has been one of few osteopathic specialists to discover the cause-and-effect scenario of the cyberspace-age when considering the most common of osteopathic complaints. That said, the technology era is often held responsible for the aches and pains from which an older-than-their-years generation has been suffering. Indeed, working with eyes glued to a computer and shoulders hunched over a screen has lead to bad posture and a seriously painful end result for many.

While initiating painless, natural therapies, professionals at Posture Dynamics report that first and fore-most, education is the key to prevention for some of the most common of osteopathic complaints. According to Mr Daren Fletcher, an osteopathic specialist at Posture Dynamics and a graduate of the British School of Osteopathy, “the key is prevention, education and treatment – To minimise the chances of an injury or complaint we have to firstly educate ourselves and understand where and why the vulnerabilities are in our body and posture. When we identify and understand these areas of vulnerability treatment can be very effective at helping to prevent further occurrences of injuries or complaints to our body and posture.

Studies by specialists at Posture Dynamics indicate that for those suffering at the mercy of anything from the common conditions of back pain, a sports injury, whiplash or headaches, to pain in pregnancy from changes in posture – a combination of treatments integrating Osteopathy, Pilates, Cranial Osteopathy and sports massage are a sound solution for treatment.

Having uncovered a number of medically approved approaches to dealing with pain, Posture Dynamics, with its team of professionally qualified osteopath practitioners has discovered a series of safe and natural methods – resulting in a unique experience that is both educational in terms of discovering preventative methods and effective in terms of treatment.

It is only when the pain threshold can take no more do most people resolve to see a osteopathic specialist, however as Daren Fletcher explains, “the minute you realize that there is something not quite right, it is better to nip the problem in the bud immediately to stop it getting worse and to save yourself time, money and unnecessary pain. Many people make the mistake of ignoring what is happening to their bodies. Understanding how your body works, even when you realize later than you should have – is one of the solutions to a healthier future.”

Fully registered practitioners following a strict code of conduct will advise on methods of prevention, while exerting dedicated individual attention that assures effective treatment in the most natural way possible.

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