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Posture Dynamics and The Back Show Olympia 2012

Posture Dynamics is at the Back Show Olympia London today and tomorrow (February 24th and 25th 2012). On stand 66 Posture Dynamics, Harper Interiors and Status Seating are working together to showcase products and services. Come along and try out some of the latest...

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Osteopathy & Pilates for Golf

With Wales hosting the Ryder Cup Golf tournament this year the UK really has turned its attention to the game and its players.  It has brought to our attention at Posture Dynamics, just how many of our clients have an interest in and play golf for recreational...

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Sciatica Relief – Help is out there!

If you have ever had it, you will know that sciatica is an extremely painful and debilitating condition.  It’s easy to despair when you feel constant pain, but it is worth knowing about a few ways you can get treatment to both alleviate symptoms and prevent...

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“Boris Bikes” available to everyone…but be cautious!

With Boris bikes becoming ever more popular as a way of commuting around London it has been brought to our attention at Posture Dynamics the importance of following some basic rules for the commute cyclist to help avoid injury. The major muscles involved in road...

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Breathe “Easy”…

Of course we all know that if we cease to breathe we cease to live, however, not many of us consider the way we breathe to have such an effect over the quality of our lives.  A good breathing technique can play a vital role in the improvement of respiratory function,...

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Osteopathy and Pilates assist with safe skiing…

For some, there is no better rush than skiing down a mountain on fresh snow.  With transport to the slops in Europe being better and more accessible than ever, more people are discovering this adrenaline pumping sport. Although skiing has a reputation as a dangerous...

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Why “Core Strength” is so important for sport

When talking to athletes and personal trainers, they will all speak about the importance of core muscles….but what exactly is the core and why is it so important for performance in sport? If you look at what the core means in the general sense, the core is the central...

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Get Your “5 a Day” for Good Posture

We all know that eating the recommended five fruit and veg a day is good for your overall health and wellbeing.  Well how about five Pilates exercises practiced daily to make you feel stronger, more toned and energised.  Research has indicated that just 10 – 15...

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London Marathon 2011 Massage

Posture Dynamics will be open on Sunday 17th April post Marathon to help you make a speedy recovery from your marathon run. Tali Rayner and Hashim Saifuddin (Osteopaths) will be here to offer 15 min (£20) or 30 minute (£40) remedial sports massage stretches.  The...

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Osteopathy – Preventative healthcare for everyone!

Just like a visit to the doctor or dentist, osteopathy is a treatment of paramount importance and may well save many years of future agony and discomfort. What most people do not realise is that the treatment that takes place is not just for those who suffer from pain...

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